‘Second Skin’ Polymer Could Make Wrinkles A Thing Of The Past

Scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created a novel material that could be used to temporarily tighten the skin and smooth wrinkles.

The wearable film has shown promise in a series of small trials where it was applied to wrinkles, under-eye bags and patches of dry skin. It is said to improve skin’s elasticity, reduce appearance of wrinkles and could be used to cover birthmarks or treat conditions such as eczema.

The ‘second skin’ is applied in the morning, then peeled off and disposed of at night.

Daniel Anderson, Associate Professor at MIT’s Department of Chemical Engineering, explained: “It’s an invisible layer that can provide a barrier, provide cosmetic improvement and potentially deliver a drug locally to the area that’s being treated.”

The technology has been passed on to start-up company Olivo Laboratories, which will focus on its development. The team will initially focus on medical applications for the polymer in treating skin conditions.

Image credit: Sophiaaaaaaa

Image credit: Sophiaaaaaaa