Liberty London Keeps It Clean

Liberty London continues to bring the world’s leading luxury brands to the forefront, and earlier this month they launched their heavily anticipated annual beauty campaign – Conscious Beauty. This campaign will include a series of in-store events and activities that will truly celebrate all things clean, cruelty free, vegan-friendly and sustainable!

Lisa Clemenger, Liberty’s Visual Concept Manager, revealed:

“The Conscious Beauty Campaign was formed in response to the recent changes within the beauty industry. More customers are searching for new, natural ingredients which are not only good for their skin, but also the environment.”

Cosmetics Business reports that the store has seen an increase of more than 135% in searches for vegan beauty in the last year alone, and sales for conscious beauty brands both in-store and online have increased by 43%.

All consumers want to feel like the products they use are doing them some good on a personal level (otherwise we wouldn’t bother using them), but recent years have shown that as a collective we want to know the products we buy actively aim to produce the same positive results on a wider level, benefiting the very world our favourite ingredients are taken from.

As part of their campaign, Liberty London will be suggesting ways in which beauty consumers and distributors can better serve the planet. There will be a “Beauty Empties” drop off point, where you can dispose of empty beauty product packaging that will be collected and recycled by TerraCycle, and the Regent Street display will be dressed entirely in recycled, sustainable and biodegradable materials – a wonderfully creative and thoughtful way to highlight the clean beauty products the display will frame.

There will be many incredible brands on show, including: Dr Jackson, Votary, 100 Bon, Corpus, Aveda, Herbivore, Ren Skincare, Le Labo, Sana Jardin, Davines, Kester Black, Seed to Skin, Frank Body, Montamonta, Aurelia Probiotic Skincare, The Humble Co., Aime, Austin Austin, Senteurs D’Orient, Claus Porto and Truthbrush.

If you can’t wait to see the products in person, then visit Veblen’s Instagram for a small snapshot of the display!

Don’t forget to check out all of the exciting events featuring in this campaign directly on the Liberty website.


Author: Charmaine Musonza