Orly Goes EPIX

LA-Based nail care brand Orly is celebrating 40 years in the business, by entering the high-tech arena with the release of a new range of nail lacquers.

EPIX is as a professional lacquer that contains a novel smudge-fixing technology. The product dries faster, lasts longer and applies easier than a usual polish and is available in over 30 colours.

Known as flexible colour and comprising of a two-step system, Orly’s formula air cures in eight minutes and is designed to move with the natural nail. Dents are virtually non-existent, as the self-levelling formula is able to bounce back any would-be smudges.

No base coat is needed for application, but colours must be used alongside a seal coat. Regular polish remover will take the product off and users can expect around 10 days of wear.

Image credit: Andrew Gibson

Image credit: Andrew Gibson