Pat McGrath’s Phantom 002 Makeup Kit

Make-up artist and Global Creative Director at Max Factor, Pat McGrath, is expanding her range of cosmetics.

After sharing hints on Instagram of obsidian lacquered lips, holographic oil spills, and faces painted with smatterings of glittering metallics, McGrath launched Phantom 002 at an exclusive launch party hosted by Vogue magazine and held at Kellogg’s Diner in New York.

Phantom 002 is a multi-use kit containing coloured pigments, eyeliner, eye gloss and several application brushes. On the Pat McGrath Labs website it is described as: “A defiantly decadent kit to create underground looks that span the decades.”

A full range from the make-up artist is expected to launch in 2016.

Image credit: Maxime Poiblanc / Courtesy of Pat McGrath

Image credit: Maxime Poiblanc / Courtesy of Pat McGrath

Covent Garden’s House of Tilbury…

Look what is being erected in Covent Garden, just around the corner from us at Veblen…Charlotte Tilbury’s FIRST stand-alone store!

It seems that Covent Garden is fast becoming a hub for stand-alone stores for luxury beauty brands. We have Dior, Burberry Beauty, Jo Malone, Urbvan Decay, Kiko, Bobby Brown, Mac to name but a few, with Charlotte Tilbury FINALLY creating her first brick-and-mortar store!

Currently under construction and set to launch on 21st of November, the shop, named House of Tilbury, will be an entire outlet dedicated to Charlotte’s cosmetics collection.

The beauty brand is currently stocked at a selection of high-end department stores, as well as online, but her first official store marks the start of an exciting new venture for the London-born makeup artist.

Over the next few weeks, the store front will transform into an illustration of the House of Tilbury, before the finished look is finally unveiled.

Charlotte is offering 10 passers-by the chance to receive a Tilbury Key and be the first to enter House Of Tilbury on the day it opens – to enter, simply take a picture of the wall and tweet @CTilburyMakeup with the hashtag #MakeupMagic

Under construction - House of Tilbury

Under construction – House of Tilbury


Lippistix – the INGENIOUS Lipstick Sampler!

Testing lipstick on the back of your hand or selecting the wrong shade may be a thing of the past, all thanks to the lipstick sampling product, Lippistix.

Developed by Carolyn Devitt, Lippistix helps consumers to test lip colour in-store or at home before buying the end product. Simply select your desired shade and place the Lippistix over your mouth for a fast, hygienic method of seeing how a lipstick will REALLY suit you!

Carolyn said ‘I have designed a new simple product, conducted a worldwide patent search, filed for a patent and also registered the design. Lippistix simultaneously represents and tests a lipstick colour in a sanitary and convenient way. Nobody else has thought of this before’.

Lippistix testers are made from a single piece of lip-shaped plastic, with the lipstick colour applied through pad printing. The lipstick shade is printed in gold font on the reverse, and an acrylic stick allows the tester to be held up to the face and positioned over the lips for colour testing. Lippistix is designed to be displayed alongside the corresponding lipsticks in a purpose built stand.

‘An advantage of my design is that Lippistix can be positioned over the lipsand gives the appearance that the customer is wearing the lipstick. It’s a perfect way of ensuring the customer gets the right lipstick for their skin colouring before they buy. It’s unique, hygienic, clean and easy, take home and novel.’

After a worldwide patent search Carolyn is now seeking a company who would be prepared to produce and distribute her ingenious product!

For more information, visit the Lippistix website here –

Image credit: Carolyn Devitt

Image credit: Carolyn Devitt

Image credit: Carolyn Devitt

Image credit: Carolyn Devitt

Everybody’s Talking About…The Disney Princess Lipstick Line!

LA Splash Cosmetics (the brand behind the Harry Potter-themed lipsticks!) have just launched a collection of 12 lip colours to their StudioShine Lip Luste line, all inspired by a Disney Princess!

Although the range isn’t an official collaboration with Disney, each lipstick draws inspiration from fairytale’s leading ladies and is named after a Disney Princess, character or villain!

These waterproof liquid lipsticks retail at $14 each and come in a variety of hues — inspired by characters ranging from Beauty and the Beast’s Belle to Faline from Bambi. Shop the line here.

Image credit: Madambrightside

Image credit: Madambrightside


The Latest in Lip Fillers: Cinderella Lips…

Lip augmentation is a type of cosmetic surgery or non-surgical procedure that aims to improve the appearance of the lips by increasing their fullness through enlargement.

The number of patients undergoing this treatment in the UK has risen dramatically over the past three years, and aestheticians are now experimenting with a more temporary filler, dubbed Cinderella Lips.

Unlike hyaluronic acid-based lip fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane that can remain for months at a time, saline injections are being used instead for the Cinderella Lips treatment, and disappear within 24 to 48 hours.

Cinderella Lips are the work of cosmetic surgeon Dr David Jack, who runs the Dr David Jack practice in Harley Street.

The procedure itself is exactly the same as having regular filler injected into lips, the difference being what is in the syringe.

Dr Jack said said: ‘Cinderella Lips involves injecting saline solution instead of a filler.

‘The initial effect will be exactly the same but rather than months it lasts for a matter of hours before being absorbed by the body.

‘There are no possible side effects or allergic reactions because we are basically injecting into the lips what the body is made of.’

Image credit: AJC

Image credit: AJC

Burt of Burt’s Bees Passes Away Age 80

Burt Shavitz, the beekeeper, co-founder and namesake of natural personal care company Burt’s Bees, has passed away at the age of 80.

The company was started by a chance encounter. Beekeeping Burt sold honey from a roadside stand, and pulled over one day in 1984 to pick up hitchhiker Roxanne Quimby. Roxanne impressed Burt with her ingenuity and self-sufficiency, and in the 1980s she began making products from his beeswax, and so they became partners.

The pair made $200 at their first craft fair selling the candles and within a year, pulled in $20,000, according to a company timeline. Soon, they started making all kinds of other products — featuring Burt’s face and beard on the labels — including Burt’s Bees’ iconic beeswax lip balm.

Burt’s Bees was sold for $1 billion to Clorox (CLX) in 2007. The company remains one of the most recognisable natural care and cruelty free brands in the US.

“We remember him as a wild-bearded and free-spirited Maine man, a beekeeper, a wisecracker, a lover of golden retrievers…” the company said in a statement. “If there is one thing we will remember from Burt’s life, in our fast-paced, high-tech culture, it’s to never lose sight of our relationship with nature.”

Burt died of respiratory complications in Maine, and was surrounded by family and friends.

Image credit: Mr.TinDC

Image credit: Mr.TinDC

Cosmo To Launch Debut Fragrance

Global women’s magazine Cosmopolitan has announced its debut into the fragrance market, launching Cosmopolitan The Fragrance.

Following the UK launch on September 7th exclusively in 350 Boots stores and online, Cosmopolitan The Fragrance will be rolled out to several other markets, including Germany and Australia in 2015.

Distributed by Jigsaw ESL, the fragrance will be available in three sizes and will form part of three exclusive gift sets along with a body lotion and body wash.

To launch the fragrance, Cosmopolitan is now searching for three ‘fun, fearless females’ to become the face of the campaign. Women can visit Cosmopolitan’s microsite here to upload a photo of themselves with an accompanying explanation as to why they are the ideal person to front the launch

The three winners will be chosen by an expert judging panel in the summer and will go on to star in the advertising and marketing campaign for the fragrance, as well as appearing in the October issue of the magazine in the UK.

“This launch is a first for a women’s magazine and is a natural step as we expand the power of the Cosmopolitan brand,” said Greg Witham, group publishing director, Cosmopolitan.

“We’re seeing strong growth to Cosmopolitan’s digital audience, and we know that women want to engage with Cosmo in a variety of ways. Our readers are fanatical about fragrance and spent £71 million on perfume in the UK alone last year. This allows them a way to experience the brand in a new and relevant way.”

With editions in 79 countries and 32 languages around the world, Cosmopolitan is the world’s leading women’s magazine and the best-selling title in its category. The magazine reaches more than 100 million readers each month.

Image credit: Tara Aveilhe

Image credit: Tara Aveilhe

Superdrug to Launch First Open House Event…

UK beauty retailer Superdrug is hosting its first ever Open House event to speak to new beauty brands on Wednesday 29th April in central London.

This is a unique opportunity for undiscovered brands to launch their product to the UK health and beauty market, whilst gaining invaluable support and advice from high street experts.

Buying Director Simon Comins and his senior commercial team are hoping to speak to brands interested in exploring the potential to launch their products on the high street.

Premium and small ‘kitchen-table’ brands are invited to attend, as are those wanting to showcase an innovative idea to a group of experts.

Simon said: “We are excited to be planning our first Open House event. We are looking forward to seeing potential new suppliers showcase their products, discovering some great new talent that we can help nurture and grow with Superdrug. We understand that working with large companies such as ours can seem daunting to smaller companies so we decided to throw open our days to allow people the chance to meet the team and showcase their products in a new more informal way.”

Superdrug’s Gemma Mason, Head of Customer Experience, emphasised the importance of current brand interests of customers, saying “whether that is focusing on key ingredients, such as vegan products which are very important to our customers at the moment” or helping emerging brands get access to Superdrug’s portfolio of beauty contacts, make-up artists, suppliers and developers or just using Superdrug as a platform to share an idea.

The Open House will be on April 29, in Central London, and brands are invited to email to find out more.

Image credit: Chloé

Image credit: Chloé

Yeast to Replace Flowers in Perfume?

Genetically engineered microorganisms could replace flowers as key ingredients for perfumes.

Ginkgo BioWorks has created a yeast that has been genetically engineered to smell of roses. The aim of the scientists behind this microbial perfume is to have the yeast used as part of a designer fragrance – instead of flowers.

The “cultured rose” was created through a marriage between Ginkgo – which bills itself as “the world’s first organism engineering foundry” – and Robertet, a French flavours and fragrance company founded in 1850. Robertet prides itself on the natural ingredients it uses in perfumes such as Chloé and Bottega Veneta, as well as its scents for household products.

Rose oil is a classic perfume component, and is usually derived from roses grown in vast fields in either Bulgaria or Turkey. The roses are then hand-picked and distilled to extract the aromatic oil. Both the quality and the price of roses can fluctuate wildly from year to year, influenced by factors such as natural disasters, labour shortages, diseases or simply a poor growing season.

Culturing microbes to produce scents is not only cheaper than using naturally sourced ingredients, but also gives perfumers more control over fragrances, says Ben Fundaro, director of perfumery at Robertet.

Image credit: Clyde Robinson

Image credit: Clyde Robinson

The World’s FIRST Custom Mascara

Launching exclusively to Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge, beauty brand Eyeko is bringing customisation to the next level by offering the world’s first personalised mascara service.

Customers can visit the beauty bar for a consultation leading to the creation of their very own bespoke, monogrammed mascara. Whether it’s dramatic, long lashes or natural, fluttery ones, Eyeko’s Mascara Editors will advise and prescribe the perfect custom-made product.

Beauty Buying Director of Harvey Nichols Group, Daniela Rinaldi said: The exclusive launch of Eyeko’s Bespoke Mascara Wardrobe to our Knightsbridge store is the perfect example of a brand at the forefront of beauty innovation and epitomises our move into a more prescriptive, bespoke offering that is tailor made for each of our customers.

Eyeko Bespoke is exclusive to Harvey Nichols priced at £28. For further enquiries and appointments email

Image credit: Amanda G

Image credit: Amanda G